hiDCon - high deformable concrete

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«Deformation-dependent load and stress quantities are limited to specified values by installing hiDCon elements in structures.»



Sprayed concrete linings capable of convergence – squeezing rock:

In the case of a deformable but load-resistant temporary lining, as a result of the installation of hiDCon elements as yielding elements in the sprayed concrete lining, controlled deformations are permitted. The deformations cause the rock pressure to reduce. A consequence is that, in comparison to a stiff lining, the required lining resistance of the permanent tunnel lining is reduced.



Modular Yielding Support – swelling rock:

Swelling rock can develop pressures corresponding to the swelling resistance. By installing deformable concrete elements in the base of a tunnel, base heave can be accommodated and the forces acting on the tunnel lining can be limited permanently to a given value.




Yielding anchor heads:

By installing hiDCon anchor elements between the anchor plate and the material to be supported, prestressed anchors can resist ground movements without being overloaded. Typical areas of application are slopes subject to slides and creep movements.


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